Collaborative web design made simple: Mark up live web sites and draw in real time with the rest of your team.

Draw, invite, show, share.

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  • On any web page, draw free-form shapes or rectangles, ellipses, and regular text
  • Draw as many as you want and erase as much as you want
  • Saves instantly back to the server, so you're never without your dudls.
  • Great for web professionals and a new generation of graffiti artists.


  • Draw in real time with (potentially) anyone anywhere
  • Get feedback from clients without sending PDFs and design mockups
  • Bring live design artifacts into demos and modify them live


  • Invite non-subscribers to comment and collaborate on your designs
  • Generate screen shots to catalog the progress of your design ideas
  • Coming soon: duplicate designs and use them as a basis for the next iteration